Wedding photography for the

Soulful & Sentimental

Rochester Wedding Photographer

or wherever your wedding takes you

collecting memories of

the thoughtful, intimate, and joy-filled moments of your day.

You can call me, Matt.

I’m a west coast transplant who now calls Rochester home. Photographing weddings and elopements, giving my kids piggyback rides, and mastering the art of basement table tennis are my jam.

Being a wedding photographer, to me, is about more than just being able to capture a moment artistically (though I love that!). It’s about being there for couples, celebrating with them, and helping them to slow down and appreciate the amazingness of what they are a part of. 

I love it. And am so grateful to call this “work”.

Would I love to talk with you about your wedding or elopement? 


I'd love to hear about your wedding or elopement!

Shoot me a message for availability, travel schedule, and access to full galleries.