Sincere Storytelling


Thoughtful Photography

Sincere Storytelling


Thoughtful Photography

Wedding photography based out of Rochester, the Finger Lakes, and the Hudson Valley.


the thoughtful, intimate, & joy-filled moments


Because the story
is in the moments.

Because the story is in the moments.

Like a thread in the loom, weaving the tapestry of your wedding.

Every Wedding A Tapestry

Each Person A Thread

Every Moment A Weave

I’m Matt


A number of years ago,
I fell in love with the art of storytelling.

3 kids, 2 dogs, and 4 homes later and I am still incredibly grateful to creatively serve others with my camera. The candidness and warmth of the weddings I get to capture are always so amazing and inspiring.

As a photographer, I naturally gravitate to the quiet moments, like a symphony that crescendoes into a quiet solo. It is these times when life seems to freeze in time where I find the most meaning. And it is this sentiment that I seek out with every wedding:

The quiet amidst the gathering. 

“Matt truly helped us feel at ease on our wedding day, guiding us through without feeling stressed or pressured.”

– Joseph & Lydia

Kind Words

Luke and Brittany

“Matt takes amazing photos that really show depth and heart… he is genuinely nice and kind. His love for his work shines through in every conversation, his thoughtfulness around the big day, and all that he does.”

Jack & Faith

My husband is a wedding photographer so everyone wanted to know who we chose for our wedding. Matt stood out because of his ability to capture incredible moments and the raw emotion of such a momentous occasion. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a photographer who they want to feel comfortable around and have photos embodying the love that compelled them to say “I do”.

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