35+ Wedding Venues around Rochester, NY

(updated with new wedding venues: March 2021)

Wondering where to get married here in Rochester?

This quick guide is for you.

Our city here in Monroe County, home to many great people such as Susan B. Anthony, Frederick Douglass, and George Eastman, is known as the Flower City.  True to form, Rochester offers many unique and beautiful wedding venues. From modern aesthetics to urban minimalist tastes, scenic atriums, rustic barns, views of Lake Ontario and lush sceneries to enjoy.  Reception venues to toast in with city views? Check. Spacious ballrooms in which to dance with your love? Check. Manicured parks and gardens to celebrate your nuptials in? Check. Want to be along the Genesee River? You got it. Erie Canal? Of course. There are so many different places to get married here in our corner of Western New York.

Read on below for a comprehensive list of places to say “I do” on your wedding day. It begins with outdoor wedding venues and indoor wedding venues sections and is then organized further based on the type of wedding venue. Within each section is a link to the wedding venue’s website along with pricing and capacity information. Please note: Pricing is a starting point. Price will vary depending on number of guests, hours, and services needed. Each venue includes different amenities and services with the price.

So check out the guide and let me know if you have any ideas on how I could improve it, or if I have missed a venue!

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Hello, My name is Matt.

Wedding photographer and storyteller here. I put together this venue list as a resource for you and hope it is helpful for you as you search for a venue. If you have any questions or need anything, I am here for you and happy to help!

Indoor Wedding Venues

Downtown Wedding Venues

Downtown Wedding VenuesPriceSeating Capacity
The Arbor Loft$45 – $85 per guest220
The Highline RochesterN/A200
Winter Garden By Monroe’s$105 – $205 per guest300
Jack Rabbit ClubN/A350
Studio 180$75 – $125 per guest100
La Luna RocN/AN/A
Artisan Works$10 – $64 per guest400
The Penthouse at One East Ave$8 – $18 per guest150
The Cracker FactoryN/A376

Intimate Wedding Venues

Intimate Wedding VenuesPriceSeated Capacity
Rochester Brainery$45 per hour60
Lamberton Conservatory$100 per hour40
The Port of Rochester$125 first hour / $75 per hour after128
The Ellwanger Estate$300 – $1100N/A
The Inn on ChurchN/A45

Ballroom and Banquet Wedding Venues

Ballroom and Banquet Hall Wedding VenuesPriceSeated Capacity
Arbor At The Port$45 – $85 per guest400
The Inn On Broadway$90 – $145 per guest170
The Historic German House$45 – $85 per guest180
Harro East Ballroom$35 – $46 per guest100
Diplomat Banquet Center$31 – $56 per guest320
Century Club of RochesterN/AN/A
The Wilder RoomN/A150

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Farm, Rustic, and Barn Wedding Venues

Farm, Rustic, and Barn Wedding VenuesPriceSeated Capacity
Wadsworth Homestead$5200 – $8600300
Charlton Farm$4300 – $8000125
The Hillcrest Estate$2000 starting230
Cobblestone Wedding Barn$3500 – $4500230
The Lodge at Shadow HillN/AN/A
Burgundy Basin$46 – $73 per guest800
Casa Larga VineyardsN/A250

Park Wedding Venues

Park Wedding VenuesPriceSeated Capacity
St Josephs Park$800125
Olmsted Lodge$500 – $75099
Lamberton Conservatory$100 per hour40
Lilac Arches$50 per hour200
Sunken Garden$100 per hour20

Golf Course Wedding Venues

Farm | Rustic | Barn Wedding VenuesPriceSeated Capacity
Bristol Harbour$170 – $245 per guest260
Locust Hill Country ClubN/A400
Cobblestone Creek Country Club$65 – $90 per guest170
Ravenwood Golf Club$2000 – $3300N/A

Top 15 Wedding Venues in Rochester, NY by Search Volume

VenueSearches Per Month
Artisan Works2200
The Inn On Broadway1850
The Arbor Loft1040
Harro East Ballroom720
La Luna Roc620
The Historic German House450
Wadsworth Homestead350
The Cracker Factory300
Olmsted Lodge300
Arbor at the Port260
Jack Rabbit Club230
Wintergarden By Monroe220
Diplomat Banquet Center200
The Ellwanger Estate180
The Wilder Room120

Wedding Venues Near You in Rochester, NY

A map of all the wedding venues listed is below, the indoor venues are the blue points, outdoor venues the green.

How To Choose A Venue:

In a sense, choosing a venue may seem straight forward: google “wedding venues rochester ny”, find a few you like, see them in person, and book them. But you’ll find there is more to it than that. Because, of course. I would recommend asking yourself these questions as you look about: 

Does the venue align with my vision?

As you know, every venue is uniquely styled and categorized. There is no one size fits all, and there are permanent elements of a venue that you cannot change or cover up. More so, if you are wanting an intimate wedding, will the venue help you accomplish that goal? Maybe a huge ballroom isn’t for you, but a well-designed restaurant space or warehouse. 

How many guests do I want to have?

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you want to make sure the size of the venue will comfortably accommodate the number of guests you want to have. More so, will it accommodate your guest list if you get an unexpected number of Yes’ on the RSVP card? This will also help you budget for other things like catering and rentals, which can be size dependent. 

Will this venue fit my florals, decor, rentals budget?

This might be the least obvious of questions, but it is important to consider not just what you have budgeted for a venue, but also what you have budgeted for flowers, decorations, rentals, etc. Some venues require more dressing up than others, which would consequently eat in to other parts of your budget. So as you choose a venue, consider what you would need to do and what it would cost to make the space what you want it to be.

What is included?

As you will find, no venue is simply four walls and a pretty space. They all offer different services along with the venue. Is full service or will you need to bring in your own catering and decor? Will you need to rent tables and chairs? Do you LIKE the tables and chairs they offer? (And don’t forget linens and flatware, as well.) 

Lastly, what is the light like throughout the venue?

I’ve found this is often the least considered question when choosing a venue, but very important to how you will remember your day! Why? Because lighting is the most important aspect to photography (and consequently what I care most about, of course.) – So as you choose a venue, pay attention to how it is lit. If it is outdoors, where will the sun be around at the time of your ceremony? Will you be blasted with sunlight mid summer? If indoors, how is it lit? Are there lots of windows? Bistro lights? Is the room filled with different colored lights? What you want in a room is brightness and consistency in color. Lastly, what is the light like where you will be getting ready? Most hair and make up artists like bright spaces to work in, and natural light to help gauge color. What you want to avoid are dark getting ready rooms or spaces with no windows. 

Bonus: Do I like the venue and surrounding area for photos?

Around your venue is the most likely space you will be photographed in throughout your wedding day. Of course, ceremony, toasts, and dances will all be photographed in the space. But do you like it for portraits? Are there spaces and backdrops that you feel inspired by? If not, are there places close by that you can drive to?Also, will there be a lot of people about in the space you are trying to take photos within? Ultimately, don’t fret too much about this, as your photographer will guide you in to finding the best pockets in a space for photographs. And they might often not be what you are thinking. In the end, collaboration is best on these things! 

15 Questions to Ask Your Wedding Venue

  • What is the price and what is included?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • What restrictions are there? 
  • What services can be added on?
  • How early can you set up?
  • How late can you tear down?
  • Is any overnight storage allowed
  • What assistance do they provide in the planning and organizing of the day? 
  • What assistance do they provide on the wedding day? 
  • If you’re having an outside caterer, what kind of (if any) kitchen facilities are there? 
  • Do they allow an open flame?
  • Is there a cork if fee? Are outside beverages allowed?
  • Do they have a preferred vendor list? 
  • Do they offer a rain plan?
  • When can you hold your rehearsal?

I will be continuing to build out this guide, so feel free to check back in for updates and additions. And if I have missed any venues in the area, please let me know – Matt