A Quick Guide to Sharing Your Wedding With Friends and Family

I’m guessing you found this page because you were originally planning to get married this summer or fall, but 2020 had different plans. (Dangit 2020!) If that is you, let me first say I am truly sorry and understand the disappointment and frustration of not being able to share your wedding day with your friends and family as you were originally planning. With that said, a Zoom Wedding is a great way to make the most of the situation.

Here is a quick and simple guide (because the don’t need to be elaborate) to hosting your own virtual wedding and making the most of the times!

What do you need for your Zoom Wedding?

You don’t need much, really. Just the following: 

That’s really it for the essentials.  If you want more information, check out my guide on How To Live Stream Weddings.

Invite a few guests!

Just because you are having a Zoom wedding doesn’t mean you can’t invite a few loved ones to join you from a safe distance! In most states like New York or California, you can have up to 10 people while still maintaining social distancing.  So with yourself, your fiancé, your officiant, and photographer, you still have the ability to invite 6 more guests to join you in person (7 if your officiant is also marrying you over Zoom!)

Pick a meaningful place for your Zoom Wedding:  

The beauty of a virtual wedding like this (or any elopement or intimate wedding) is that it can really take place anywhere you get cell service. You can get married in your living room, your favorite park, or somewhere scenic and epic (my personal favorite). No matter what, just make sure you get ADEQUATE CELL SERVICE to hotspot and stream with, and ADEQUATE SPACE for everyone to maintain a safe, social distance.

Keep your Zoom call secure: 

Zoom recommends NOT posting your Meeting ID on your wedding website or anywhere for that matter. Bots could potentially crawl the internet for meeting IDs and hack into your call (which would be a bummer.). Instead, set up the details for the call ahead of time and email out the meeting information. Or get fancier and use an email service like Paperless Post.  

The Mute Button: Use It!

Unless you are directly interacting with your virtual guests, consider muting all guests so that the stream doesn’t jump to other guests during your ceremony if they make noise in the background. You can “mute all participants” as the host of the call, and can easily unmute them if you want to talk to them (which you should!).  

5 Zoom Wedding Ideas

Zoom Wedding Packages:

I offer 3 packages for Zoom weddings starting at $1200. Each package includes at least 2 hours of coverage – enough time to capture the wedding and some sweet portraits afterward. Message me for more details!  (Travel within 8 hours drive from Rochester, NY is doable for me!)

I hope this quick guide was helpful for you as you think about and plan your Zoom Wedding! Message me for more ideas and information! Keep pivoting and stay safe!