We are instinctually drawn to imagery that emotes.

Evoking a sense of significance and weight to a moment. That something greater than what appears before us is happening. It’s what I love and what I seek to create with couples on their wedding day through photography. 

Your photos shouldn’t feel static! But instead, should create a connection, draw a memory, and remind you that the commitment you are making is beautiful.

All about that “moment”.

The time between the lines when we simply live in the present.  For all the planning and arranging that goes in to weddings, you can’t plan these moments. They simply happen. This precise lack of forethought is what makes them beautiful. Thus, the moment for me is an improvisation of life and an expression of the grander narrative of who we are:

unique, authentic, real.

oh hey, it's us.

This Family of Mine

I am a proud father and smitten husband to my beautiful wife, Melinda. Ellie, Audrey, and Daniel are my kiddos. They are, in my estimation, the cutest things on the planet. Yeah, I’m in love.  I am a coffee/espresso enthusiast. But hopefully not a snob. I am a tinkerer and constant tapper. My wife thinks I have ADD. She also thinks my humor is lame. It probably is. (Maybe.) Maggie and Penelope don’t seem to mind though, so that’s cool. They’re my dogs. 

Finally… I am ever the optimist and I’ll tack omnivert on to that too. I am a musician, Christ-follower, and a hope-filled person. And I simply love to capture the real and sincere moments of life.

I would love to capture your wedding with artistry, skill, and care.

Wedding Packages start at $3500, Elopement Packages start at $2000