Luke and Brittany - Intimate Rainy Backyard Shingletown California Wedding - Northern California Wedding Photographer

I don’t typically write introductions for my blog posts as I like to let the images tell the story. But, in this case, I’d like to make an exception for Luke and Brittany. 

Celebrating a backyard wedding in the foothills of Northern California during the waning days of spring comes with a bit of risk. On this day, it was a losing proposition. 

The rain patiently waited for them to say, “I do.” before making it’s appearance. This backyard wedding wasn’t meant to be celebrated in the living room, huddled around the fire. They had their reception beautifully laid out with some of the sweetest details. But weather dictated the proximity. What resulted, though, were beautifully intimate moments highlighted by sheer joy and raw emotion. Resilience is a beautiful thing.

I’ll close with this: rarely have I met two people who wore so much personality on their sleeves. If you get the sense that you know Luke and Brittany just from their pictures, it’s because they held nothing back, and really are just some of the most sincere people you will meet.  

I hope you enjoy the story of their day.

(There was an amazing team of vendors who made this day happen. Check out their info at the bottom of this post.)


Venue: Backyard and Living Room of Brittany's Parents House

Hair: Ashley Dawson from Modern Muse Salon and Hair

Makeup: Brittany Baer from Guild Beauty Bar 

Cake: BTTRCRM (how gorgeous was that cake? It tasted better.)

Flowers: Floranthropist 

Dress and Veil: Almond Tree Weddings 

Newspapers & Pencils: Etsy

Invitations: Wedding Paper Divas 

Catering: Redding BBQ Catering 

DJ: Marion Morgan Hunt - (three cheers for all of the work put in to DJ in the rain!)

Bridesmaids Dresses: Davids Bridal